Assignment 4 – Prepare basic tax returns for senior family


  • Learn how pension income split works for senior couple – Form T1032
  • Claim disability tax credits form them


  • This family have pensions, CPP, OAS, property taxes, medical and both are qualified for the disability tax credit
  • Medical expenses $1000 each
  • Property tax of $4500

Documents for Assignment:

Husband – T4A
Husband – T4A(P)
Husband – T4A(OAS)
Wife- T4A
Wife – T4A(P)
Wife – T5

Additional Questions to Complete

  1. How much in taxes does the disability tax credit save?
  2. How do you apply for the disability tax credit
  3. In what situation is pension income splitting the most effective?
  4. What is the Senior homeowner property grant?
  5. How are medical expense credits calculated?