Its Time For Change

Have you ever felt like you’ve been overcharged (and underserved) for tax perparation and accounting services? We understand how frustrating this slow-moving industry can be. Are you, like other taxpayers, surffering in the hands of a red-taped, bureaucratic, slow and ineffectivee system?

Does the price you are paying match the service quality you deserve? If not, it’s time to join the Solid Tax Inc. initiating long-overdue industry change.

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Who We Are.

Solid Tax Inc. was founded to bring about much needed change, using innovative technology and practice methods to deliver professional tax services at a reasonable price. Today, we serve thousands of individuals and small busineses across Ottawa, treating our clients the way we would want to be treated- – like humans, not puzzle pieces in a bureaucreatic system.

  • We are one of the three best tax accounting companies in Ottawa.
    We are registered with the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency).


    Our Mission

    We strive to redefine tax services, empowering Canadians with more control over their financial futures throgh affordable, effective, and reliable tax service.


    Our Vision

    We believe that every Candaian has the right to access professional, cost-effective, cost-effective, and simple tax services. While our business is still small, we are growing every day-and hope to build a future that belongs not only to us, but to our clients, employees, and local communities too.

    What We Are Providing

    We provide professional tax preparation and accounting service to individuals and small business

    Income tax preparation service

    Late or Back taxes preparation service

    Small-business and corporation tax service


    We Will Auto-Fill Your Tax Return.

    The Auto-fill tax return was launched by the CRA in 2016.
    We will use it to connect to the CRA database, obtain your tx slips (T4, T5, T4RSP etc..)
    and automatically fill in your tax return.


    We’re Always Ahed. Professional Solutions For
    Your Personal & Business Accounts.


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    Filed Tax Returns


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    How We work

    Solid Tax Inc. focuses on:

    Simplicity – EfficiencyAccountability


    Canada’s tax codes are complicated. We simplify them into a “language” you can understand. Less is more. Let’s eliminate unnecessary procedures and focus only on what you need to know.


    We aren’t here to waste your time. Our job is to help you in the most efficient way, in the least amount to time.


    Canada’s tax codes are complicated. We simplify them into a “language” you can understand. Less is more. Let’s eliminate unnecessary procedures and focus only on what you need to know.

    Our Pricing

    We are dediceated to providing you with an affordable pricing

    • Efile
    • Year-around-Support
    • Efile
    • Year-around-Support
    • GST/HST/Filling
    • Efile
    • Year-around-Support
    • GST/HST/Filling
    • Tax Slips Filling
    • Tax Planning

    All price plus HST

    For Quebec tax return, price is double

    If you have self-employed incom, rental income, employment expense, and moving expense etc,
    we consider you haev an advance tax return

    inactive Corporate: $120/return

    Meet Our People

    Our experts are here to serve you tax needs


    Jack Liu

    Tax Professional

    Lory Bruins

    Tax Professional

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