Assignment 3 – Prepare basic tax returns for a family with kids


  • Learn how to optimize family tax credits
  • Transfer tuition fee credit


  • This family has T4s, T2202A on low income spouse, RRSP, daycare, medical and donation
  • 1 Child age 5, daycare expenses $3,000
  • Medical expenses wife: $2560, husband: $2,500

Documents for Assignment:


Husband – T4


Wife – T4
Wife – Tuition
Wife – Donation

Additional Questions to Complete:

  1. Who claims the daycare expenses and why?
  2. How much taxes has the client saved by claiming the daycare expenses?
  3. Who should claim the donation?
  4. Who should claim the medical expenses?
  5. What is the form you need to fill to transfer the tuition fee credits?
  6. How much taxes can be saved by claiming the $8,000 tuition paid?