Assignment 7 – Prepare a tax return with moving expenses and employment expenses


  • Learn how to claim moving expenses – Form T1(M)
  • Learn how to claim employment expenses – Form T777


  • This person is salaried, not commission based

Home office:

  • Heat: $1,200
  • Hydro: $1,020
  • Property Tax: $3,900

Documents for Assignment

T4 – Toronto
T4 – Ottawa
Moving Expenses
Declaration of Employment Conditions

Additional Questions to Complete

  1. Under what conditions can an employee deduct employment expenses? Please provide 3 examples.
  2. What are the basic requirements to be able to claim moving expenses?
  3. A tradesperson spent $3000 in one year on tools. How much can s/he claim
  4. A person moved 5000km by car for a new job and spent $1500 on gas. How much in vehicle expenses can this person claim?